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KBH INFRA– Energising. Empowering. Enlightening. !!
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KBH-INFRA is India’s largest integrated solar company. We sell solar power on the form of long-term fixed price contracts to our customers, at prices which in many cases are at or below prevailing the alternatives for these customers in INDIA.
Solar power is the energy of the sun which can be used to generate heat or electricity. It is clean(no fumes), quiet(unlike diesel generators) and renewable (unlike coal and other fossil fuels which take years to renew, the Sun’s Rays hit The Earth Everyday).

Our mission is to be the lowest-cost power producer in the world. The cost of conventional electricity is rising every year. After the initial cost of installing Solar infrastructure in your home or workplace, you have zero recurring costs on Solar power supply.
There are two broad ways, in which we use the Sun’s Energy :
- It's heat or thermal property like: Solar Water Heater
- Light or photovoltaic power like: Solar cell that can power your Pocket Calculator or an Entire City.